Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Garage

A few years back, I purchased an old house that had no garage at all.  After a couple of years getting the house livable, I had a really nice garage built in the back of the house.  It is awesome!  22' X 32'...  I am almost ready for the final construction inspection, then the projects will start! This blog is where I will document my man garage happenings and projects that occur in The Geeks Garage...

Potential Projects:

1) BMW E36 fixes and mods
2) Speaker building and audio
3) General constructions and building --Anything house related
4) Random sports rants!
5) Computer/network related projects
6) Side business and income streams
7) Any other manly things I can think of....

And of course....There will always be snippets of entertaining random man wisdom...

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