Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have been playing around a lot with Google+ lately.  I know, I know, you are saying "You are just now getting into Google+, you are such a technological visionary.......not"   Be nice!  I am a busy guy.  OK, OK, no more excuses.  On to the Google+ post.....

 I guess it is touted as the perfect mix between Twitter and Facebook.  I have to admit that I don't know either one of those very well, but I have been learning Google+ over the last several days.  I must say, I really like it!

First, if you are not familiar with Google+, it is a social networking application that is based on groups called circles.  You can create all kinds of circles to follow people.  For example, I have some circles called Family, Friends, Photographers, Photoshop, and Bloggers.  I can add different people to each of these circles and follow their work.  If they feel like they want to see my posts, they can add me to one of their circles. 

The main reasons why I like Google+ are because you can add people to your circles that have similar interests.  In other words, you can follow people that you don't even know, but may be an authority on something you are really passionate about.  For example, I love photography, so I have added several photographers to my photography circle so I can follow their work.  There are some amazing photographs on Google+.  The beauty of the circle concept is that I can send only my photography related content to my photography circle, or only my jokes to my friends circle, or even send a note to all people (public setting).

I am still building my circles.  Once I have them close to finished, I can then share a circle.  This will allow people to "subscribe" to the same people that I have built in my circles.  This is an awesome concept that allows people to connect and share easily.  This is where I think Google+ is better than Facebook,  although I do admit, I am not a Facebook expert.  What do you guys think about the comparisons of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

I would love to have you guys add me to one of your circles.  Even if it is your "dorks" circle.  I am OK with that. This blog is integrated with Google+, so if you add me, you will see all of my blog posts as a Google+ post.  So please get to adding!

Here is my profile:


Or you can click the add to your circles button on the upper right area of this blog...

You are right: you don’t have to comment or share, but do it anyway; I love hearing from you!

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