Friday, August 24, 2012

Geeks Unite!

Another project we are working on in The Geek's Garage is the Hackintosh. We have already successfully built one using a iDeneb. Just Google around and you will find it. I have to admit, this was a bit of a challenge. It is much easier to go out and buy a used iMac on ebay.  I actually may end up doing that because I use Photoshop often for other projects that I have here and it is much more reliable with a real Mac.

But, that is not what it is about is it?!?  We are all about the fun of the project.  Our next project will involve installing a Hackintosh from a retail Snow Leopard DVD.  This should be a lot of fun to try .  I will use info provided by TonyMacx86. Step by steps and multipart posts to come....

One of the sites that we love here at The Geek's Garage is Lifehacker.  They list all kinds of geeky projects and are home to the always up to date Hackintosh guide. If you are a fan and have some documented projects, contact me, I would love to have a few guest posters.

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