Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The DIY HDTV Antenna

 I have an old HD Tube TV in the garage that someone gave me.  I mounted it up high in the corner and plugged a store bought antenna in and the reception was horrible!!!!  Now I am only about  20 miles from the metro area, so my local channels should come in much better than that.

So to the interwebz I went!  I found some plans for a DIY DB8 antenna made from wood, screws, wire, and a balun (coax transformer).  I had all of this material lying around the Geek's Garage, so I decided to give it a try.

I set about building it on a rainy Friday evening while watching my son's high school football game on TV.  Luckily the store bought antenna picked this channel up.  It is much warmer and dryer in the Geek's Garage and a great place to spend a Friday evening.  Well, it is warmer and dryer than a high school football field in October.

The layout is pretty simple.  The full diagram with measurements is shown here.  Print this out for future reference. This thing is a monster! Be sure to be as precise as possible with your measurements.  It took me about an hour to build and I really took my time it was very easy.

As I said, this thing is pretty big.  Be careful not to bump the wires around when moving it. I hoisted up to the attic and hooked it up to the TV.  At first, I was disappinted, no signal.  I then played around with the placement.  I found out it is very directional.  Once I had it facing the metro area (I am Northeast, so I pointed it Southeast), it picked up all of the channels very nicely.  I was impressed with the signal stregth of all of the local channels.  I would defineitely recommend building one of these yourself.  You can save money and have fun building it!

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