Monday, September 17, 2012

The E36 Garage

My name is Rick and I own an E36.  I can't help it, it is an addiction.   I do love my car.  After all it is almost 15 years old and it still gets about 27 mpgs... and it still looks good!  Here is a picture of my baby:

 Another thing that I love about this car is the following that they have.  There are several internet sites that document problems/fixes with these cars.  I am not a trained mechanic, but I love to work on this car.  These sites help guide me in the right direction and suggest troubleshooting methods and tools (full list of sites I use at the end of this post).  I have already done several things to her. For instance, I just replaced the front struts.  After scouring on the internet for the best deal, I found the struts for under $200.  This also gave me an excuse to buy a new cordless impact wrench to do the job with.  So all in all, I had $300 in the strut replacement.  A friend of mine said she took hers in to get an estimate to have the front struts replaced and they quoted her $1500!!!!   Glad I could do this one myself.  It was even kind of fun.  I have also changed rear wheel bearings (not recommended), changed brakes (easy), replaced alternator, and many other things.

Stay tuned for more E36 projects.  I plan to document a few more projects with pictures and reference the guide or website I use.  Hopefully, I can help out some other E36 owners.

Links are below.  Save some money and stay geeky....

E36 links: --this is where I buy most of my parts. 

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